Beautiful Disaster Seconds Stock

We are excited to share our ‘Beautiful Disaster’ stock with you here on the website, listed as ‘seconds’. As all our kimonos are hand-painted, 20% of each batch we make usually have small to medium imperfections that often occur during the boiling process.

We are excited to offer these kimonos at 15% and 30% off. If you are interested in this product we suggest you go to our Instagram account @warriorsofthedivine and watch our saved stories here.

There, we take you through what imperfections you can expect for 15% off quality and 30% off quality. Please note that every single kimono will have a slightly different imperfection which is why we made two categories. We cannot supply you with a photo of your kimono. So watching the recommended videos you will need to decide for yourself if you are a ‘beautiful disaster’ purchaser or you prefer the 100% product. Ready to purchase? You can choose your color & purchase these seconds by scrolling the available items below.

White Only 6 left!
Golden Goddess
Musk With Caramel Wings
Clay with caramel wings
Fawn with Caramel Wings
Ice-blue with Aubergine Wings
Clay with Autumn Warrior Wings
Golden Goddess with Caramel
Musk With Caramel Wings
Golden Goddess Only 2 left!
Cream Only 1 left!
Rose Only 2 left!
Mushroom Purple
Black with Caramel Wings
Musk With Caramel Wings
Golden Goddess
Golden Goddess
Aqua w/ Dark Aqua Symbols
Desert Orange with Rust Symbols
Smokey Lavender
Fawn with Caramel Symbols
Smokey Lavender
Off White Rami