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Ethiopian crosses are a grouping of Christian cross variants that are symbols of Christianity in Ethiopia. Their elaborate, stylized design is markedly distinct from other Christian cross variants. Ethiopian crosses are almost always made from elaborate lattice work which represents everlasting life. No two crosses are exactly identical in style, the artisans who make them enjoy the freedom to exercise a measure of individual taste and creativity in their choice of shape and pattern.

These are brass replicas of some antique crosses I found at an antique stall in Bangkok.

I made them in brass because I like the way the brass turns antique looking and so when worn they take on the feeling/appearance of being old. Of course, if you like the cross to be more shiny and gold looking you can continue to clean and polish with brass cleaner for that look.

The stones I collected in Bali and are apatite stones. It’s not always possible to find amazing apatite stones for jewellery use but I think these raw cut 8mm stones are truly magnificent.

There is a 8cm adjustable gold plated chain at the base of the neck with 2cm intervals so you can adjust the choker 4 times from choker to a mid chest length.

Ethiopian Cross Replica made of brass and with apatite precious stones.

Care Instructions: 

This necklace is made of precious materials that interact and change with the environment. Do wear it as much as you want and if you would like your necklace to last longer then avoid being a mermaid with ring (water, ocean, shower) and sweating (workouts, running, etc). Wash in fresh water if you get it wet and then make sure you dry completely. Store in a cool and dry sacred space.

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