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The Wear Your Prayers range was inspired from my travels to india and is intended to be a deep honoring to the people of hindu faith and religion.

This sarong can be used for wearing, and lounging both pool side and beachside and is also a great light scarf for savasana! Scroll our pictures to see various ways you can use it.

Please note: with the pink color please scroll pictures to the end to see the best representation of color. The images on the model appear lighter/less pink than actual. The close up photos at the end representation of the actual color.

I want to be clear that I cannot take credit for the design. These symbols in the design are ancient and to not belong to me. They are protocol symbols of the Hindu Religion - symbols designed to lead us to make spiritual progress. There are some beautiful spiritual intentions behind the symbols in this Tunic, hence, why I called this range Wear your Prayers.

Various similar prints to this one can be found widespread across India. I have reproduced a sarong design I found in India with a higher quality/longer lasting material & also ensuring it could be made under fair & ethical conditions for both my workers and the environment.

About the design - If there is any color that can symbolize all aspects of Hinduism, it's saffron - the color of Agni or fire, which reflects the Supreme Being. Buddhist monks and Hindu saints wear robes of this color as a mark of renunciation of material life. So with reverence & respect I intentionally chose to print the symbols with this color.

Some of the sacred Hindu symbols represented in the design are:

Shivas Trident ( Trishul) - the personal weapon of Lord Shiva, The Trishul has three pointed blades that denote several Trinities such as that of creation, maintenance, and destruction or that of the Three Kalas – Past, Present, and Future or that of the Three Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas).

Kalachakra, 'wheel, or circle, of time,' is the symbol of perfect creation, of the cycles of existence. Time and space are interwoven, and eight spokes mark the directions, each ruled by a Deity and having a unique quality.

Tiruvadi, the sacred sandals worn by saints, sages and satgurus, symbolize the preceptor's holy feet, which are the source of his grace. Prostrating before him, we humbly touch his feet for release from worldliness. Aum.

Om, or Aum, is the root mantra and primal sound from which all creation issues forth. It is associated with Lord Ganesha. Its three syllables stand at the beginning and end of every sacred verse, every human act.

Sarong Dimensions: 150cm x 165cm 

Blonde Model  ( HELENA ) is a size 10 Australian & 174 cm and Wears the Desert Orange Color.

Blonde Model in yoga platform ( SHANTAL ) is a size 10 Australian and 170cm and wears the pink color. 

Care Instructions:

Composition: 100% Viscose.

This material is produced traditionally using the ancient batik screen print method. It takes 2 screens with 2 colors to hand print this material. Made by humans, not machines. You may experience some minor inconsistencies, which should not be considered at flaws but only confirm it’s hand-made process. This is part of our #slowfashion commitment to honor tradition and keep skilled artisans in jobs. It’s riskier and more expensive to make the material this way, but the romantic in me insists this is how it must be produced. Human and imperfect, the material carries the energy of all who have helped make it and that romance I believe transcends to the wearer.
We recommend you hand wash or dry clean your item. If you hand wash, use minimal amount of detergent and do not soak longer than 15 mins. Rinse in fresh water before drying flat in shade. Iron inside out. For best results lightly spray with water prior to ironing. Direct sunlight will fade your item. Avoid rubbing this material. It will cause material to ‘pill’ (form tiny balls).
Steaming your sarong is best. Otherwise, Iron inside out. Ensure your iron is set to appropriate setting for the material. Use a handkerchief in between the material and iron to avoid any scolds from the iron. For best results lightly spray with water prior to ironing.

If this item is avail for pre-order, in general you can expect your order will be made and delivered within 2 – 14 weeks of your order date. In some cases it will be delivered earlier if possible. To help you understand, If your order is avail for pre-order we would have already ordered it and it is in process OR it will be ordered on the next avail order date. We place orders on the 1st of each month. From the order date, the items usually take 4-7 weeks to complete. Please email us if you really wish to know a more approximate time frame for your particular kimono.

It is good to pre-order as if there is a wait list for the item, pre-order will place you on this list and give you priority. You are required to pay for your item in full as a pre-order.

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Andy D.

Wear your prayers scarf / sarong

It’s so soft , I might have to buy another because I’m living in it already . Cooler weather is coming so I’ll wear it as a scarf , a lovely soft scarf .

Charleene C.
United States United States

Silky perfection

Gorgeous scarf, so soft. It’s divine!

Stephanie L.
United States United States

Super soft

So soft. Beautiful quality.

Suzy R.
Australia Australia

So beautiful!

I can’t explain how beautiful this scarf is. The fabric is so soft and comforting. It has an incredible energy about it. Something that I have never experienced before in a peace of clothing. It literally uplifts my spirit and feels like a loving hug every time I wear it. Thank you x

Belinda D.
Australia Australia

Love I!

So soft & beautiful. I hope you start making them with various colours, so l can add them to my special wardrobe. OCEANS OF OF LOVE TO YOU ALL. ‍♀️✨☀️