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This dress is designed to be worn barefoot with your feet firmly planted into the ancient wisdom of our DIVINE Mother Earth. It is designed to hand you back the spark of your life-giving spirit, your howl, and your place in the wild. It's designed to remind you that you are a sovereign being. You belong to no one and nothing. You are the wisdom of nature; untamed, untethered and unapologetically you.
In this dress you will transform, transcend & rebirth yourself over and over again. Every single moment a new version of you emerging.

The medicine of this dress is in the natural organic cotton material and the hand stitched detailing using vegan leather trim - both intentional choices to remind you of your ancient ways and connection to nature.

The dress is made from Natural Organic Cotton (hand woven) and is so deliciously soft and luxurious to wear. The dress is stitched and tasseled by hand and is worth mentioning that it takes 22 hours ( 2.5 days) of detailing per dress! The colored dresses are dyed exclusively from botanical elements in Bali with love and reverence for our Mother Earth. Chemical free plant based dying feels luxurious on the skin and is the next best thing to be nude. Im proud to be designing sensual, sustainable luxury for the wellbeing of your body, mind, soul and planet.

Made ethically with love, we do not believe one human being should suffer to make another human being an item of clothing. These dresses were produced fairly with all workers remunerated a minimum wage (and in most cases much higher), ethical working conditions and a safe environment and equipment to work with.

Please note: this material is natural and unprocessed so this fabric has woven coppery threads appearing throughout in the natural color. The material has flaws and irregularities and was selected intentionally to make it part of the design. Any irregularity in the material only confirm it's organic & hand processed nature.