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I love wearing crystals. When I found these quartz crystals recently I felt so inspired to work with them. I just love how the dye has taken to form lemurian rainbows of aqua and gold.

You can purchase a single but I prefer personally to wear them as a set. To me crystals amplify - especially quartz! - so be mindful to tune in before you wear them to how your energy is and set intentions of what you want to amplify! Is it your power? Your peace? Your light? Your healing?

Hand-made by cottage industry workers in Ubud, these cuffs are produced fairly and around the daily needs of the makers family first.

The crystals are set and wired onto bracelet that is solid brass. On the inside of the bracelet the word ILLUMINATE has been engraved.

We hope you love your new cuff and it makes you feel ILLUMINATED.
These cuffs are crafted from precious materials that possess an intriguing ability to interact and transform alongside their surroundings. Feel free to indulge in wearing them as frequently as you desire, but to ensure their longevity, it's advisable to remove them before engaging in activities such as swimming, showering, or intense workouts that may result in perspiration. Should your cuff come into contact with water, kindly rinse it with fresh water and take care to thoroughly dry it. You have the option to embrace the gradual fading of the brass, which imparts a charming, rustic antique appearance, or you can restore its lustrous shine using a brass cleaner and a soft cloth. When not in use, store the cuff in a cool, dry, and sacred space. As the crystals have been dyed, they may undergo slight color changes and exhibit minor signs of deterioration over time. The extent of these changes will depend on the level of care they receive and the extent of their exposure to water or other elements.

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