This Little Light - Buddha Ring
This Little Light - Buddha Ring This Little Light - Buddha Ring This Little Light - Buddha Ring This Little Light - Buddha Ring
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‘This Little Light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine’. 

This beautiful antique looking ring is a replica of an antique necklace amulet I collected at the antique amulet market in Bangkok. But before I describe this special ring further, let’s talk human ethics first.

This ring is made by cottage industry jewelry workers in Ubud. This ring is produced fairly and around the daily needs of the makers family first. Pak Nyoman and his wife Ibu Yoga are the jewelers behind the production of the ring, so know that you are supporting a beautiful Balinese families income with this purchase. 

This ring holds the vibration of Buddha. “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”. May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free. 

As mentioned, this ring came from a antique Buddha amulet I sourced at the Bangkok Amulet Market. The corridors are lined with stalls whose only wares are  hundreds of sacred trinkets bestowed with protections. The exact protections of each amulet vary, offering to ward off evil of all manner both spiritual and physical in nature. I spent 2 days here picking 3 amulets that spoke to me in order to turn them into a ring. This ring is one design of three that I produced and is the smallest design, hence I named it “This little Light” ring. 

Cast from bronze, this gorgeous ring has a beautiful antique look and feel. It sits also a reminder to go into your heart and live by your heart. Your heart is the gateway to the soul and to the love dimension. If we all lived and made choices from our heart we would see peace on earth.

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Bronze - Mixture of copper & tin 

Care Instructions:

The ring is made of precious materials that interact and change with the environment. As it is made from bronze it is already antique looking. Do wear it as much as you want. It should get better with age, but to avoid corrosion please avoid being a mermaid with the ring (water, ocean, shower) and sweating (workouts, running etc.). Of course you should avoid the water completely for the longevity of the ring. Wash in fresh water if you get it wet and then make sure you dry completely. Store in a cool and dry sacred space. 

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