Champagne with Caramel Wings
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At Warriors of the Divine, we don't believe in mistakes, just Beautiful Disasters.

We're offering a selection of our hand-painted Beautiful Disaster pieces at discounts of 15% and 30% off. To better understand what to expect in terms of imperfections, we recommend checking out our Instagram stories section, specifically the first saved permanent insta story at @warriorsofthedivine, before making your purchase.

Since our kimonos are all meticulously hand-painted, it's important to know that around 20% of each batch may exhibit minor to moderate imperfections, often arising during the boiling process. These kimonos, despite their imperfections, are now available at the discounted rates of 15% and 30% off.

If you're considering this offer, please head over to our Instagram account, @warriorsofthedivine, and explore our saved insta story section. Do keep in mind that items in this category are non-returnable. Once there, you'll find a discount icon that will guide you through what imperfections you can anticipate in the 15% and 30% off quality categories.

It's essential to note that every single kimono will have its unique imperfection, which is why we've created these two categories. Regrettably, we can't provide individual photos of each kimono. Therefore, we recommend watching the suggested videos to make an informed choice—whether you embrace the Beautiful Disaster charm or opt for our 100% pristine products.

Ready to make a purchase? Simply select your preferred color and choose from the available size variations above.

Composition: 100% Silk, hand painted with love.

Introducing my GODDESS KAFTAN. I have been working for a while now to introduce a Kaftan style that is beautiful, sexy, comfortable & effortless for all women and all body shapes. I am so happy with the result!

Expect a miracle when you wear this Kaftan.

This stunning Kaftan in luxurious silk is my signature design. It carries the energy and guidance of Archangel Gabriel.

Each kaftan is individually hand-painted in accordance with ancient batik practices. Any inconsistencies should not be considered as flaws, but as an integral part of the garment that confirm its beautiful hand made process. As colors are individually mixed each time and the way images appear on various screens differ, please allow that actual colors on receiving your item may vary by 10 -20%. Each garment is boiled to complete the batik process of removing the wax and setting the color. Therefore, you will experience no color run or shrinkage with this item.

This Kaftan features a gathered front with our signature brass wing detailing.

It also includes another one of our signature features - hand sewn Swarovski crystal detailing hand sewn at side seam. 7 crystals designed to help you balance your chakras. Every time you wear your dress, this feature is a reminder to find presence and balance into the vibration you are creating for your yourself.

It's perfect to float around the house in as it is so comfortable and luxurious. We know you will keep reaching for it over and over again! Throw it over a bikini to the beach and style with a bag & bare feet. Style also for ceremony. This Kaftan dress can effortlessly adapt to all three occasions!

We proudly produce our clothing fairly and under ethical working conditions. :)

The model Anne Marie is a size 8 Australian and 165cm.

The model Anne Marie is a size 8 Australian and 165cm.

We recommend if you are 173cm or taller and a size 10 Australian or above to get the S/M size.

Otherwise if you are 172cm or shorter the XS/S size should fit most people unless you are size 16 plus Aus.

Measurements are across the width of the dress, not the full way around.

Length: 123cm
Chest width: 103cm
Shoulders: 42cm
Slit length: 54cm
Gathered front: 34cm

Length: 127cm
Chet width: 106cm
Slit length: 58cm
Gathered front: 34cm

Length: 131cm
Chest width: 114cm
Shoulders: 44cm
Slit length: 60cm
Gathered front: 34cm

Composition: 100% silk, hand-painted with love

Care instructions:

For best results, hand washing is advised. If hand washing, use only minimal amounts of detergent and do not soak for longer than one hour. After rinsing in fresh water, dry the item flat in a shaded area away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Steaming is the preferred method for cleaning, otherwise, iron inside out on the appropriate setting for the material, using a handkerchief between the material and the iron to avoid scold marks. Lightly spray with water prior to ironing for best results.

If this item is avail for pre-order, in general you can expect your order will be made and delivered within 2 – 14 weeks of your order date. In some cases it will be delivered earlier if possible. To help you understand, If your order is avail for pre-order we would have already ordered it and it is in process OR it will be ordered on the next avail order date. We place orders on the 1st of each month. From the order date, the items usually take 4-7 weeks to complete. Please email us if you really wish to know a more approximate time frame for your particular kimono.

It is good to pre-order as if there is a wait list for the item, pre-order will place you on this list and give you priority. You are required to pay for your item in full as a pre-order.