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Composition: 100% Organic Viscose, hand screened with love. Hand tasseled.

We all come from the Goddess.

This kimono is meant to be a nameless goddess because she is designed to merge with you. In saying that as the designer I gave her a few of my touches that I hope you will resonate with:

- Some daggers to represent that she is never conquered. She is smarter than she is given credit for & there is something always up her sleeve. Enemies beware. She is lover not a fighter, but if you fuck with her she will reluctantly fight back.

- The serpent kundalini rising within her to show that she is awakened to the divinity and truth of herself.

- A field of flowers surrounding her to represent her connection to nature, her own unique expression of beauty and the intention for her to be seen as blooming, whatever cycle she may be in.

This sarong comes in two gorgeous colors; Light Gold & Dusky Musk. Wear so many different ways as a sarong or wear as a long scarf for the tropics. Please scroll
our photos for various ways to wear.

The screen print for the sarong was designed in collaboration with Hayley Wenn from Yinside Yoga. Hayley and I both resonate on doing our best to make everything we create as sustainable as possible and so with this product we have worked with eco produced organic viscose & placement when printing to ensure we minimize wastage from cut-offs as much as possible. We also have purpose built wells so the the eco dyes we use are caught across stone catchments and do not enter the water tables and river systems.

The material for this is produced by humans, not machines and is screened by hand. Any inconsistencies should not be considered as flaws, but as an integral part of the garment that confirm its beautiful hand made process. As colors are individually mixed each time and the way images appear on various screens differ, please allow that actual colors on receiving your item may vary by 10 -20%.

We proudly produce our clothing fairly and under ethical working conditions. :)


One Size. 
175cm width 
115cm  length. 

Composition: 100% Viscose.

Care instructions:
For best results, we recommend you hand wash or dry clean your item. If you hand wash, use a minimal amount of detergent and do not soak longer than 15 minutes. Rinse in fresh water before drying flat in shade. Iron inside out. For best results lightly spray with water prior to ironing. Direct sunlight will fade your item. Avoid rubbing this material. It will cause material to pill (form tiny balls).

Steaming your clothing is also possible. Otherwise, Iron inside out. Ensure your iron is set to appropriate setting for the material. Use a handkerchief in between the material and iron to avoid any scolds from the iron. For best results lightly spray with water prior to ironing.

If this item is avail for pre-order, in general you can expect your order will be made and delivered within 2 – 14 weeks of your order date. In some cases it will be delivered earlier if possible. To help you understand, If your order is avail for pre-order we would have already ordered it and it is in process OR it will be ordered on the next avail order date. We place orders on the 1st of each month. From the order date, the items usually take 4-7 weeks to complete. Please email us if you really wish to know a more approximate time frame for your particular kimono.

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