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Designed in collaboration with my beautiful soul sister Kasia.

Let’s talk human ethics first...

This ring is made by cottage industry jewelry workers in Ubud. These rings are produced fairly and around the daily needs of the makers family first. Pak Made and his wife Mona are the jewelers behind the production of the ring, so know that you are supporting a beautiful Balinese families income with this purchase.

This ring holds the vibration of ISIS. Engraved on the inside is the words STAY TRUE. When you flip the ring, it changes from the Goddess ISIS to the eye of protection.

The GODDESS ISIS is here whispering to you to navigate your life towards your own journey of TRUTH. The vibration of staying true to heart will always guide you to the miracles and magic of your experience here on earth. The mastery comes with developing your discernment. Flip it over to the evil eye for protection - not necessarily from others, but from yourself! - from your own lower vibration decisions that come from a conditioned mind and ego. We reject, abandon & betray ourselves trying to avoid being rejected, abandoned & betrayed by others, not realising that every issue starts within and every answer lies within.

Be brave. Be willing to make the best decision for your life and your heart. Be willing to be judged. Be willing to be abandoned. Marry yourself first! This ring is designed to be a reminder to choose yourself over and over again. Be the ever evolving you and watch the universe respond to your courage.

Composition: 18k gold plated on brass

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The ring is made of precious materials that interact and change with the environment. Do wear it as much as you want and if you would like your ring plating to last longer then avoid being a mermaid with the ring (water, ocean, shower) and sweating (workouts, running etc.). Wash in fresh water if you get it wet and then make sure you dry completely. Store in cool and dry sacred space.

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